Yesterday during the day…

It was quite an eventful day in the cafe yesterday. We began with our wonderful team of volunteers producing more tasty dishes from ‘waste’ food. Then during service the fun began. Firstly a portion of pudding was a little over cooked producing an interesting smell and then a window was accidentally broken by a work party who were in the next door garden. Both incidents were handled with great care and expertise. No one was injured and 20 minutes later, you would not have known anything had happened…apart from seeing a boarded up window. These events became a talking point and the centre of much banter that was shared in the cafe. It is all part of life’s rich tapestry!

Anyway, back to the important things, the customers and food. We welcomed 33 diners into the cafe. Here’s what they ate in the cafe or took home for later:

  • 2 portions of carrot and coriander soup
  • 16 portions of roasted tomato and pepper soup
  • 6 portions of sweet and sour leeks with rice
  • 21 portions of sausage casserole and potato wedges
  • 24 portions of golden syrup sticky toffee pudding
  • 9 portions of fruit tartlets

We received £67.70 in monetary donations and some milk was also donated.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us yesterday during the day!

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