What happened in the cafe today?

We were slightly later opening and preparing food today, but that didn’t stop our wonderful volunteers cooking up some delicious treats. They worked hard to produce the colourful platefuls that were served. Here is what people enjoyed in the cafe or took home for later:

  • 22 portions of carrot and coriander soup
  • 17 portions of roasted vegetable quiche
  • 6 portions of cheese and pomegranate salad with honey and balsamic vinegar dressing
  • 11 portions of vegetable stir fry
  • 7 portions of bread and butter pudding
  • 12 portions of individual fruit and custard tarts

30 customers came and £32.34 was given in monetary donations. Other items such as mugs, milk and biscuits were also donated. A couple of people started to work in the garden before it rained and others helped out with various jobs  inside the cafe – preparing food, laying tables, serving and clearing up.

Thank you so much, to everyone who supported the cafe today!

Don’t forget we are open at lunchtime AND in the evening on Friday before the  gig (see below for the artists). Try researching these folk artists on Google:

‘Lucy Ward’ and ‘The Gentle Good’



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