In the cafe today…

Well the rhubarb, cinnamon and custard tart went down very well! We could have sold more portions of we’d had them. Plus, several people took a copy of the recipe.

28 people came to the cafe in total and enjoyed the tasty food on offer. Here’s what they ate or took home for later:

  • 10 portions of cabbage and bacon soup
  • 17 portions of spaghetti bolognaise
  • 5 portions of Mediterranean tuna pasta
  • 9 portions of lentil roast
  • 3 portions of assorted vegetables
  • 20 portions of rhubarb, cinnamon and custard tart
  • 6 portions of chocolate cheesecake

We received £48.13 in monetary donations and some wonderful food donations, including 20 amazing strawberry cupcakes, stock cubes and fresh vegetables.

One customer spent most of the day in the garden, digging and preparing the hard soil for planting. A super job.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the cafe today, in whatever way!

We hope to see you on Friday when we’ll be turning more ‘rubbish’ (waste food) into delicious dishes!

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