Friday in the cafe

Well we had a wonderful group of volunteers in the kitchen on Friday. They worked hard to produce all the dishes. One of the people who came to help in the garden also helped out by making the lasagna. The team then managed to run the cafe on their own throughout the afternoon. Thank you so much!

Paul was working hard out in the garden, making the most of the good weather. He won’t be around on Tuesday, but we’ll hopefully find out what needs doing next, if you are keen to continue with this work.

We had a delivery of lots of donations from Horsforth Food Exchange, which were kindly logged by one of our customers. Plus £30.93  was given in monetary donations. Thank you very much to everyone who helped and gave to support the cafe!

There were 27 customers and here’s what they ate at the cafe or took away for later:

12 portions of tomato and mushroom soup

7 portions of sausage and stuffing toad in the hole

15 portions of vegetable lasagna

6 portions of tuna pasta salad

17 portions of chocolate cheesecake

6 portions of fruit salad

4 portions of mincemeat tart

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you at the cafe on Tuesday if you are free…

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