Friday in the cafe

Today was such a beautiful day that we put some tables outside so that people could enjoy the sunshine. 33 people joined us for food and this is what they enjoyed:

  • 20 portions of sweet potato soup
  • 13 portions of banana and mango korma with rice
  • 6 portions of vegetable frittata
  • 17 portions of stuffed cabbage leaves
  • 17 portions of apple turnover bake
  • 5 portions of cake
  • 10 portions of rice pancakes filled with tuna and noodles

The rice pancakes were a real treat, including lots of fresh herbs and a garlic dip. They were our first taste of international food from one of our new volunteers.

Nazia came down to the cafe today to tell us about the Delicious Bites cookery group that she is starting at All Hallows’ on Monday 27th April. It is an opportunity to learn to cook international food and share your own cooking style. It will be from midday to 3pm. Book it in your diary!

The group of film students who are making a documentary about the cafe came down in the afternoon to finish their filming. I’m sure we’ll get a copy once it’s finished and we might be able to provide some clips for you to watch.

We received £41.73 in monetary donations today and a couple of people helped to wash and clear up in the kitchen. Some cake, sauces and vases were amongst other things that were donated. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us today!

We hope you have a good weekend and that you can join us again on Tuesday for some more tasty food!

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