Tuesday at the cafe

On our first day of opening after Easter we had 23 customers. These are the dishes that they enjoyed in the cafe or took home for later:

  • 13 portions of broccoli soup
  • 6 portions of sweet potato soup
  • 16 portions of bangers and mash (not potato wedges as we suggested on Monday)
  • 13 portions of vegetable frittata
  • 15 portions of hot cross bun pudding with mango coulis
  • 5 portions of mince pie ice cream

The Pay As You Feel concept was expanded a little, as some customers volunteered in the garden. Now that spring is here, we are keen to sort out the garden at the back of church and also at the front. Speak to Paul for more information about his plans.

A few of our regular volunteers worked in the kitchen, but also some new ones. They are excited about trying out some international cooking using the ingredients we have. Come along on Friday and taste some new food.

We received £35.73 in monetary donations yesterday. In addition we were given a range of food including fish, an Easter egg and some nuts. One customer kindly donated some aprons and on Monday another person donated a fridge. This weekend we are having our outside blackboard painted, so we won’t lose the words when it rains. There is lots of activity in and around the cafe and we’ve only been back open for one day!

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed/ is contributing to the cafe this week.

We really appreciate your support!



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