Friday 27th March 2015

Sadly, Emma is off with flu and we wish her a speedy recovery. But now we know what an amazing job she does! Somehow or other Amy, Abbie, Lydia, Heston, Owain and a number of other volunteers including a flying visit from Adam Smith (TRJFP himself!) managed to provide a quite acceptable (if not quite brilliant!) menu.

In all, we think we served about 32 people with the following:

  • 20 portions of carrot and coriander soup
  • 12 portions of jacket potatoes with sausage casserole
  • 2 portions of jacket potatoes with stir fry
  • 4 portions of stir fry and rice
  • 14 portions of cottage pie
  • 15 portions of brownies
  • 1 portion of pancakes with toffee sauce and fruit
  • 2 portions of sorbet of “dubious parentage!”

We collected £30.88 in donations for which we are very grateful.

It has been an interesting learning curve for those of us who watch Emma manage everything so effortlessly each week. It was interesting that as we were preparing food we were listening to Saint Saens’ “The Swan” which portrays a swan serenely gliding across the water whilst it’s feet paddle like mad below the surface. Not that we are comparing Emma with a swan, or being serene, or having web like feet, but hopefully you get the gist of what I am trying to say!

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, and especially to Amy who starts her new job next week, hope it goes well!


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