St Patrick’s day in the cafe

One of our volunteers sported an Irish rugby top today (green in colour) which was our contribution to St Patrick’s day.

We had 30 people who dined with us and 6 wonderful volunteers who worked hard to produce the food and run the cafe. £42.69 was give in monetary donations, plus we were given a large donation of tinned fish – yummy! Then, just as we were about to run out of sugar, another 2 bags were donated. Thank you so much for all your support!

Here’s what people either ate in the cafe or took home to enjoy later:
14 portions of swede, apple and ginger soup
12 portions of potato curry
14 portions of BBQ beans
14 portions of meat dumplings with tomato sauce
19 portions of mixed fruit pudding
4 portions of chocolate fudge cake (sadly we only had 4 portions to serve – sorry to those who were disappointed)
9 portions of fruit salad

As always, we couldn’t run the cafe and use all of this ‘waste’ food without you. So, thank you for your help!

We hope to see you on Friday. The cafe is open 10am till 4pm.

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