Today in the cafe

40 people came to the cafe today. They included some children, many of our regulars and some people who came down for the first time. We thought that we had cooked lots of food, but we ended up selling out of virtually everything. As I’ve said before though, we can always find something to offer you. Make sure that you come down soon after 12pm if you would like plenty of choice.

Here are the tasty dishes that people ate in the cafe or took home for later:
18 portions of spicy celeriac soup
21 portions of meatballs and pasta
20 portions of vegetable frittata
4 onion omelettes
22 portions of chocolate bread and butter pudding
7 portions of mince pie ice cream
5 portions of cinnamon roasted pineapple
2 portions of melon sorbet

We received £96.48 in monetary donations, which included £3.67 from PAYF donations on Sunday. Several people also worked hard in the kitchen helping to clear up and wash up. We received a range of food donations including delicious homemade biscuits, haricot beans, tins and bread.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us today, be it through volunteering, being a customer, recommending us, donating food, or supporting us in another way!

We hope to see you at the cafe on Friday.

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