Catering before the gig last night

We had a smaller group than usual coming through to eat in the cafe before the gig. However, the 20 people who joined us were very pleased that they had!

These are the delights that they enjoyed in the cafe or took home for later:
5 portions of spicy celeriac soup
6 soya bean burgers in a bun
12 fish cakes with rosti potatoes
4 portions of potato curry
16 portions of chocolate and pear pudding with chocolate sauce
8 portions of rice pudding with cinnamon roasted pineapple
1 portion of fruit salad

We received £134 in monetary donations.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us! Please tell others about your experience in the cafe and encourage them to join us when we are open on a Tuesday or Friday, or before the next gig on 8th May.

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