Friday in the cafe

We had a steady stream of people through the cafe today, 39 in total. They included a young child, many of our regulars and some who were visiting from Scotland.

A group of film students came down as preparation for the filming that they will be doing in the cafe. They begin by filming us next Saturday, as we cater for up to 150 people. Then they will pop into the cafe on another day to finish their short documentary. It is great when students choose to highlight our work in this way. The more people who hear about The Real Junk Food Project network, the better. We’d love to see a cafe like ours in every town and city.

We were blessed with lots of willing volunteers today, who did a fabulous job – preparing food, cooking, serving, clearing up, washing up, wiping down, logging and ordering food and entering figures onto our database. There were probably lots of other jobs that they did as well! We are so fortunate to have people to share the workload. I am always impressed by the way that the volunteers work. They happily get on with any task that needs doing. A big thank you to all of you! We couldn’t run the cafe without you.

We received £65.92 in monetary donations today and several people helped out in the kitchen. Some pears, HP sauce, sweets and other food from a food bank, were also given to the cafe.

Here’s what the customers enjoyed at TRJFP @ All Hallows’ cafe, or took home to enjoy later:
20 portions of pumpkin soup
3 portions of watercress and pea soup
24 portions of cheesy vegetable bake
23 portions of sprout, pork, potato and stuffing rosti
3 portions of frittata
24 portions of bread and butter pudding
2 portions of plum crumble
8 portions of fruit salad

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us today!

Don’t forget that we are serving food at All Hallows’ tomorrow night from 6pm. This is before the gig which will start about 7.45pm. Tickets on the door. Why not come down if you are free?

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