A lucky Friday!

It was certainly a lucky Friday for those who ate in the cafe. There were lots of lovely comments about the delicious food. We had 40 people who came to eat in the cafe and here’s what they ate in or took away for later:
– 19 portions of chicken and vegetable soup
– 16 portions of quiche
– 11 portions of tuna pasta
– 20 portions of meat hot pot
– 13 portions of apple charlotte
– 4 portions of Christmas pudding
– 5 portions of fruit salad
– 9 portions of mince pie ice cream
– 7 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet
– 4 portions of melon sorbet

Lots of our regular volunteers came down to help log 8 boxes of food that we were given by a food bank. They did an amazing job, particularly as they had to sit in a freezing room to do it! Another wonderful job that they did was juicing and zesting limes and clementines. Not too bad when you have a few to do, but quite different when you have about 50! We can now freeze the zest and juice and use it in the future.

We received £66.47 in donations and a few people helped out with jobs in the cafe.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the cafe today!

Have a great weekend…
And don’t forget that we are open on Tuesday – pancake day!

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