Tuesday in the cafe

36 people joined us in the cafe yesterday. They enjoyed the delights of the menu, plus the added bonus of cupcakes and chocolate biscuits that were donated. We received £46.71, 5 Equadorian centavos and 10 Euro cents in monetary donations. (For future reference, we don’t usually accept foreign currency.) Various people helped out in the cafe – making breadcrumbs, laying tables, washing up, preparing food. Plus there were our regular volunteers who did a fabulous job as always.

Here’s what was served to customers to eat in or take away:
– 16 portions of garlic soup
– 26 portions of chicken stew with dumplings
– 15 portions of bean burgers with potato wedges
– 20 portions of apple charlotte
– 2 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet

Thank you to everyone who supported the cafe yesterday in whatever way!

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