On Tuesday at the cafe…

On Tuesday 38 customers came through the cafe doors. They ‘tasted the waste’ as it was served up in the following delicious meals:
– 16 portions of root vegetable soup
– 17 portions of vegetarian lasagne
– 21 portions of chickpea Dahl
– 2 portions of tomato and sausage pasta
– 15 portions of Eve’s pudding with custard
– 4 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet
– 2 portions of melon sorbet

We had some new volunteers join us for the first time in the cafe. They did a great job and we look forward to welcoming them back when they next have some free time.

After the cafe closed, Emma was interviewed by some students who have to do a presentation on sustainable businesses. Hopefully this publicity amongst their fellow students will encourage still more people to set up TRJFP cafes.

We received £54.76 in monetary donations and some food donations including tea and sugar.

Thank you to everyone who supported us today in whatever way!

Ps: Look out for the new tablecloths on Friday. They were very generously donated to us. Thank you very much to that anonymous person!!

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