Friday in the cafe…


Yesterday was another busy day in the cafe. We served 48 customers and had several people who were keen to volunteer for the first time. Plus, 15 of our regular volunteers came down to help in various ways. Sadly we don’t have the capacity to take on any more regular volunteers at this current time. However, if you have skills that could be used in the church garden/ grounds, we could probably use you.

Here is the delicious food that was served up to customers yesterday:
24 portions of pea and ham soup
4 portions of leek and potato soup
27 portions of turkey with cabbage and cheese risotto
12 portions of tomato pasta bake
2 portions shark fin melon curry
5 portions of sweet potato and lentil curry
29 portions of plum crumble and custard
1 portion of mince pie ice cream
7 portions of mixed berry frozen yoghurt
2 portions of clementine ice cream
3 portions of clementine sorbet

One thing that I find amazing is that a 3.5kg turkey fed 26 people! Plus, it produced 2 litres of lovely turkey stock. The only waste that we threw away was a carcass that had no meat on it whatsoever. Incidentally, we always use all of the fresh ingredients that we have each day and the extra meals that we produce are either frozen or given away on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. We feel privileged to have all this waste food to cook with and the last thing we want to do is throw it back in the bin because we haven’t stored/ used it properly.

We received £98.01 in monetary donations and various people volunteered to ‘pay’ for their food.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cafe today! We couldn’t function without your support.

Have a great weekend.

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