In the cafe today…


It was a busy day today with 40 people eating in the cafe. Thankfully we had lots of volunteers as well, including two fabulous students who came down for the first time.

Most of the fruit and vegetables used came from the interception that took place at Leeds Kirkgate Market on Tuesday (see Songs of Praise, BBC 1, Sunday 25th Jan, 16.35). The rest came from the Horsforth Food Exchange. Whilst we were open today, we received donations from a food bank, plus lots of lovely bananas and crisps!

Here’s what our customers ordered to eat in or take away:
– 14 portions of roasted cauliflower soup
– 21 portions of potato curry
– 17 portions of cabbage with crispy cheese crumb
– 1 portion of onion omelette
– 11 portions of chocolate cheesecake
– 16 portions of banana cake
– 6 portions of fruit salad
– 3 portions of apple charlotte

Would you believe we thought that we had cooked too much potato curry, but in the end we sold out! We’ll remember that for next time.

Tamsin was in the cafe chatting to various people about the LS6 timebank. We’ll post the offers and requests soon.

Thank to everyone who supported us in whatever way today! We really value your help, no matter how big or small your contribution.

Have a great weekend and look out for us on Songs of Praise!

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