BBC films our cafe!

Today we had the BBC come into the cafe to film for Sunday’s episode of Songs of Praise.

We had great fun filming the episode. Volunteers and customers alike were on camera. Watch the programme on Sunday afternoon to see what went on.

38 people ate in the cafe. Here’s what they ordered to eat in or take away:
– 16 portions of swede Apple and ginger soup
– 5 portions of bean hot pot
– 15 portions of vegetable tagine
– 18 portions of onions stuffed with chicken and sausage
– 10 portions of fritatta
– 23 portions of chocolate cheesecake
– 5 portions of apple charlotte and custard

Several people came down for the first time today because of recommendations. It’s great to know that our customers are passing the message on!

Thank you as always to everyone who supports us, including our wonderful team of volunteers!

Don’t forget to watch Songs of Praise on Sunday, BBC 1, in the afternoon.

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