Our 2nd Tuesday

Today was much busier than last week; we had 30 people dining with us. Thankfully we were blessed with lots of wonderful volunteers! They produced a delicious menu that was enjoyed by all.

Here’s what was served to eat in the cafe or as take out:
– 10 portions of cabbage and bacon soup
– 14 portions of chicken cobbler and vegetables
– 10 portions of shark fin melon curry
– 5 portions of sausage and vegetable bake
– 15 portions of apple crumble and custard
– 4 portions of mince pie ice cream

We received £57.88 in monetary donations and 2 new people volunteered in the cafe today.

It was great to have such a ‘buzz’, with people chatting and sharing with one another. The other thing that was great, was people bringing books down to read in the cafe. They are welcome to stay as long as they wish. Who knows, someone may like to start up a book club in the future…

Tamsin was in the cafe today. See the next post for the current requests and offers in the LS6 time bank.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us today. The growth in numbers of volunteers sand customers is all because of your help. There is so much ‘waste’ food around, that it is great to be putting it to good use in the cafe!

Remember it doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution was, it was still a very valuable part of what was achieved today!

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