A fun Friday!

With 9 wonderful volunteers over the space of the day, some amazing food was cooked! Plus we received donations of delicious cup cakes, scones and other assorted cake. It was quite a feast.

35 people dined in the cafe and here is what they ate or took home to eat later:
– 6 portions of garlic soup
– 4 portions of swede, apple and ginger soup
– 2 portions of carrot and coriander soup
– 15 portions of roasted courgette and pepper pizza
– 12 portions of chicken, bacon and vegetable bake
– 4 portions of chicken bake
– 1 portion of chicken pie
– 10 portions of bread and butter pudding
– 4 portions of fruit salad
– 4 portions of mince pie ice cream
– 3 portions of clementine sorbet

We received £58.66 in monetary donations and 2 new people offered to volunteer. Along with the cake donations we were also given another shark fin melon and lots of tins and some bread from a food bank.

Tamsin was down in the cafe for the first time this year. She had some good conversations about the LS6 Time Bank and updated the board.

Thank you to everyone who supported us today as a customer, volunteer, by donating food, by advertising the cafe, or in any other way. We couldn’t run the cafe without you all! Plus, all the food that was cooked today would have ended up in landfill with your help.

Have a good weekend!

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