Our first Tuesday!


Well on our first Tuesday of opening we were blessed with 8 volunteers – one of whom made these lovely cheese thins (see above). It is always great to see how people are so keen to support the project.

The food was delicious. In fact the following comment was made..”as I look at the menu it all seems so good that I want to order a plate of everything, but I just wouldn’t manage that much food.” The mince pie ice-cream was particularly tasty and is a great way of using up what you are now fed up of eating. Plus, once it’s frozen, you then have up to 3 months before you need to eat it all!

20 people dined with us today, including our volunteers. Here’s what they consumed or took home for later:
– 8 portions of swede, Apple and ginger soup
– 7 portions of meatballs and pasta
– 12 portions of fish pie
– 2 portions of chicken pie
– 6 hot cheese pots with bread and carrots
– 4 portions of fruit salad
– 3 portions of mince pie ice-cream

We received £27.19 in monetary donations and had 2 new people offer to volunteer.

As always, thank you very much to everyone who supports us! We are helping to turn the tables on society, proving that it’s not money that’s important, but the distribution of resources. Where there is surplus it should be shared with those who are hungry, not thrown in the bin.

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