The last day in the cafe for 2014

We had some wonderful ingredients to cook with this week. There were parsnips, broccoli, butternut squashes, potatoes, onions and bananas amongst others. Lots of it was included in today’s delicious dishes, but a butternut squash and carrot soup was frozen for the new year.

The cafe was very quiet again today, but there was still the lovely community atmosphere. We served 25 people, including volunteers.

Here’s what was enjoyed in the cafe or taken away for later:
11 portions of chicken and parsnip soup
5 portions of butternut squash and carrot soup
12 portions of vegetable frittata
9 portions of sausages, brocoli and potato gratin
1 portion of vegetable pasta
15 portions of banana cake
4 portions of creme brûlée
The clementine ice cream was not eaten, so we still have some for January. 🙂

Three new people asked to volunteer today and we received £17.57 in monetary donations. As the cafe was quiet, it was a great opportunity to give the kitchen a thorough clean. Thank you very much to all those who grabbed a scourer and gave things such a good scrub!

We now have a 2 week break before we reopen in 2015. Friday 2nd of January is our first day, then we open on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS for the rest of the year.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us since we started in September. It is amazing to see what has been achieved since then!

We wish you all a happy Christmas and all the best for 2015!

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