Donations on Friday

As I mentioned before, 3 pumpkins were anonymously donated. Then, Tony turned up with sausage rolls, stollen, chocolate doughnuts and dips. They had been left over from a meeting. One of our volunteers brought a wonderful collection of cupcakes. These were left over from a cafe. Another volunteer brought some tomatoes and onions. Amazingly Rosa then called me and said that she’d had to cancel a Christmas dinner for 21, due to illness and offered us all of the food that she didn’t have room to store. Finally I have to mention the donations from Horsforth Food Exchange which included fruit, vegetables, tea, creme fraiche and popadoms amongst other items. How good it is to know that we can use these things, turning them into tasty meals and saving all of this food from going in the bin!


During the daytime on Friday, we also received £30.15 in monetary donations.


36 people came to watch the drama ‘Town Street’ and a monologue of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the evening. ‘Town Street’ was loosely based on the life of All Hallows’ PAYF cafe. We really appreciate the way that it highlighted the issue of food waste and also shared some amusing anecdotes from the cafe. In the interval we served chicken and parsnip soup, hot spiced fruit juice (freshly squeezed!), stollen, banana cake, chocolate doughnuts, cupcakes and panettone. The audience throughly enjoyed the food and drink and generously gave us £59.20 in monetary donations.


We feel so privileged to receive donations, be they food, money or time volunteering. Thank you for your fantastic contributions!


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