Delicious food in the cafe today!

Well we were blessed with some amazing food to cook with today…a trayful of beautiful cherry tomatoes, a trayful of clementines, not to mention large quantities of chicken from Nandos!

The shark fin melon soup was really tasty and thoroughly enjoyed by all who tried it! We were given 2 more shark fin melons today, so we’ll find some different recipes for next week. Make sure that you come and try them.

We had 30 people in total today and received £45.96 in monetary donations. Some fruit, some bay leaves, a juicer and a huge crateful of apples were also donated.

As usual, our volunteers did a brilliant job! There is always such as lovely atmosphere, as people chat and work together. A big thank you to you all for your contributions! And a special thank you to the 2 who stayed and tidied up right till the very end!

Here’s what we served today:
9 portions of shark fin melon soup
13 portions of vegetable lasagne
11 portions of chicken pie
6 portions of spicy sausage and bacon pasta
11 portions of clementine cake
6 portions of cheesecake
4 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet
1 portion of fruit salad

Finally, thank you to everyone who supports us at the cafe in any way. It is so good to know that the food is not going to waste, but being made into tasty meals!

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