O’Hooley and Tidow LAAH Gig “In Pictures”

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A fantastic evening catering for the LAAH O’Hooley and Tidow gig. The food did go down as well as the drink! We only had a few helpings of crumble left by the end of the evening with loads of positive comments and thumbs up, especially for the chocolate bread and butter pudding.

For more on Live At All Hallows’ visit https://www.facebook.com/allhallows.gigs

For the magnificent O’Hooley and Tidow visit their website – I strongly recommend going to one of their gigs, buying their albums, or if you are hard up, sample their videos online!

1 thought on “O’Hooley and Tidow LAAH Gig “In Pictures”

  1. A comment made on Facebook after the gig:
    “TRJFP made it an event rather than just a gig last night, not just a wonderful ethos but wonderful food too.”

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