A wonderful day in the cafe

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We had 32 people dining with us in the cafe today. Amy brought in some somosas which were very popular, along with the rocky road which was made in the cafe. A couple of new people offered to volunteer next week, plus a lovely group of students helped to wash up their dishes as part of the ‘pay as you feel’ concept. We received £65.15 in monetary donations.

Adam Smith (founder of TRJFP) came down to the cafe and brought us a huge bag full of chicken from Nandos, that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Here’s what our customers ate:
23 portions of vegetable samosas
4 portions of soup
9 portions of cheese and biscuits
8 portions of cheese and onion quiche
7 portions of ravioli
1 portion of salad
24 portions of rocky road
8 portions of roasted spiced fruit
6 portions of fruit salad

Thank you to everyone who supported us in the cafe today! We really appreciate your help.

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