A busy day at the cafe

There was a wonderful ‘buzz’ in the cafe today. A fabulous team of volunteers worked hard preparing food, cooking, serving and clearing up. They served 45 people in total and we received £125.55 in monetary donations. Plus, 3 new people signed up to volunteer. In fact, there was very little food left over…only a portion of cheese risotto and some tomato sauce for the pizzas.

Here’s what was eaten by our customers:
– 6 portions of carrot and coriander soup
– 18 portions of parsnip and turnip soup
– 17 portions of baguette pizzas
– 1 portion of cheese risotto
– 1 portion of salad
– 20 portions of fish cakes and salad
– 6 portions of summer pudding
– 13 portions of plum and ginger crumble
– 2 portions of carrot cake

Tamsin had some good conversations and had one new person signing up for the Time Bank. Check which skills are on offer and what has been requested in the next post.

Thank you very much to everyone who made today such a success!

Lastly, a quick reminder that we will be closed on Boxing Day. Plus, from January 2015, we will be opening on Tuesdays AND Fridays!

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