Wonderful curry and chapattis…

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We were very fortunate today to have Nazia and members of her family, making a delicious curry and freshly made chapattis! The food was thoroughly enjoyed by our customers. In fact, we ran out of vegetable curry as it was so popular. A total of 38 people dined with us and £114.05 was given in donations.

Here’s what we served:
7 portions of soup with a roll
13 portions of cheesy cauliflower bake
2 portions of cheesy cauliflower pasta
1 portion of salad
17 portions of curry with chapattis
18 portions of rocky road
11 portions of fruit salad
1 portion of chocolate cake
2 scones

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us to have a successful day! It is so good to know that all this food that would have gone to waste is being served up as tasty meals.

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