A great day!

Well we had 40 people dining with us today, with the addition of a child and 2 dogs!

Lots of food was served:
9 portions of soup
10 portions of bean and vegetable cobbler
10 portions of cheesy pasta
8 portions of pizza
8 portions of apple crumble
10 portions of bread and butter pudding
All of the feedback was very positive and the courgette soup seems to be particularly popular!

The lovely Di did 4 hair cuts.

Tamsin spent time advertising the Time Bank and getting to know people.

We even had someone giving hand massages!

In addition, the take out option is becoming quite popular. Between about 3 and 4pm we are boxing up food and are always happy to give it to those who want a microwaveable dinner!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us this week, as customers or volunteers. I have to say that we are blessed with a very hard working volunteer team. We couldn’t run the cafe without them…and of course we wouldn’t be open if it wasn’t for our wonderful customers!

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